I brought the printed pieces to the Arcosanti Foun

By on August 10, 2019

first_imgI brought the printed pieces to the Arcosanti Foundry, where 3 staff helped me prepare my piece. The plastic had ridges, so Charlie blow torched it smooth. Brendan helped me revise my structure for the chalice.[photo by Rob Jameson]Then Ali did all the molding in sand! It was very challenging to get the sand not to stick in the details of the 3d print. In hindsight, all walls should be slightly non-vertical… this lets sand slide off easier.[photo by Rob Jameson]in the photo is Ali Gibbs.We poured 2 boxes with 11 objects… the result was fantastic and accurate in places where the bronze reached. Ali finished some of the pieces so they are more refined. I weighed them and paid a very fair cost for the material and fuel.”[photo by Rob Jameson]photo is of the 3D printed form of the butterfly[photo by Rob Jameson]in the photo are the bronze pieces right after they were broken out of their sand molds. [photo by Rob Jameson]in the photo is the cleaned bronze butterfly.There will be more photos about this recreational pour next week. December 23, 2016Every once in a while the Foundry graciously opens for Arcosanti residents to create their own bronze artwork, with assistance of the foundry crew.[photo by Leah-Ann Walker]in the photo are Rob and Ali Gibbs.Here is a report by Rob Jameson [IT & Web here at Arcosanti], about the recreation pour last Saturday, December 17. 2016:“Last week I met with Andy, the manager of the Foundry, to discuss objects that we could 3d print and then cast in the foundry. He helped me simplify from 20 ideas to about 8, by teaching about undercuts and some of the tactics for impressing them in the sand.[photo by Leah-Ann Walker]in the photo is Rob with one of his 3D models.That night, I did 3d prints around the clock to get a full fleet out. I 3d printed various geometric patterns, objects, and images into solid plastic models. The printer was running right until the beginning of the foundry work. [photo by Leah-Ann Walker]last_img read more

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