Moroccan Embassies Start Biometric Data Collection in Belgium and France

By on October 12, 2019

Rabat – Over the course of 2016, the Moroccan consulates in Brussels, Orly and Marseilles developed biometric data collection systems as part of the General Directorate of National Security’s (DGSN) strategy to improve police infrastructure for citizens living inside and outside the borders of the kingdom.Providing this new service allowed 1,808 Moroccans living abroad to acquire a national identity card from their local embassy, without having to return to their home country. The process for the approval of residence visas to foreigners and asylum seekers was also streamlined via this technology.The information, released on Tuesday, comes as part of the DGSN review of security upgrades over the past year. The agency said it aimed to improve the readiness of the national police force while improving the quality and quantity of services it provided to citizens. The DGSN’s data also counts 466 people in Morocco with valid special refugee cards, with 71 issued in 2016 and the remainder renewed for an extended period. A total of 16,288 others received temporary authorization to stay in the kingdom as they continued they journey onward to other countries.“This strategy has made it possible, through the year 2016, to lay the basic foundations of good governance in the financial and administrative management, and strengthen the integrity of synthesis mechanisms and staff capacity building, which reflects positively on the quality of security services provided to citizens, and contribute to the improvement of readiness and effectiveness in accordance with the operational interests of security,” the DGSN’s statement read. read more

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Brocks Youth University celebrates 10 years of inspiring curiosity

By on October 2, 2019

To encourage the natural curiosity of kids, Youth University offers more than 50 unique camp themes and provides youth access to unique resources.Brock University is celebrating 10 years of Youth University summer camps this year.Since its start in July 2005, more than 5,000 youth have been mentored by Brock students in a variety of activities while experiencing a taste of post-secondary life. To encourage the natural curiosity of kids, Youth University offers more than 50 unique camp themes and provides youth access to unique resources such as science labs, computer classrooms, robotics design equipment and a high ropes challenge course.“Over the last 10 years every youth and staff member has contributed something special of themselves to make our camp program what it is today,” says Kate Cassidy, director and founder of Youth University. “We’re proud to serve Niagara with such an inspiring and inclusive space to have fun, learn and develop key 21st century transferable skills.”Olivia Di Guilio was a camper with Youth University during those early years (2008) and returned to join the Youth University team as an instructor this year.“Coming to Brock as a camper had a significant influence on my desire to study here, and coming back as an instructor has really been a full circle experience for me,” says Di Guilio. “I’m able to provide youth with the same inspiration and motivation for learning that I received all those years ago.”As part of Brock’s 50th anniversary celebrations this year, Youth University (formerly known as CATI) will continue to mark their anniversary with an alumni event. All former instructors and volunteers are invited to come enjoy an afternoon of climbing at the Challenge Course and see what has changed since their early years.For more information about how to register for Youth University’s summer camp or the alumni event please visit the website.(Above): Olivia DiGuilio first came to Brock University in 2008 as a Grade 7 student attending Science Camp. (Below): She returned this year as a Youth University mentor now entering her second year of concurrent education at Brock. read more

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