Fire abroad! A number of Japanese businesses to participate in Alipay double 12

By on February 28, 2017

December 10th, in Tokyo, Japan, customers buy goods at a mall.

ant payment service group before the announcement, "double 12" global consumer Festival Officially launched. With the popularity of mobile payment technology and support, this year’s double 12 also slowly showing the characteristics of internationalization. It is reported that this year’s "double 12" global millions of businesses to participate in overseas, which attracted Australia, United States, Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Korea and other 16 countries and regions, a total of 7 stores in the next line of business 10000. read more

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Share several points to do bidding products

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Ma Yun three years ago, said: do not do e-commerce in the past 5 years will regret, and now do a lot of friends around the e-commerce, there are successes and failures. It also began to think about their own do not understand what came slowly, the middle has experienced too many sad.

Internet is a magical marketing tool, his advantage is low cost, fast promotion, wide spread characteristics, coupled with the rapid spread of the network and the development of more and more people and entrepreneurs like. As many people do, do the bidding, do Taobao promotion, do optimization on the network to find their own pot of gold. We are often on the Internet even in the traditional industry often hear "wine is also afraid of deep alley". At this stage, how to do business is to promote the product out. Traditional industries have been media, television, promotions and other means to achieve the advertising effect. To do e-commerce: it is effective to promote the product out of the network will be out of their own, bringing traffic and the flow into a real customer. read more

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Fashion electricity supplier companies how to design products and experience to allow users to shine

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now, the fashion and retail industry should be able to occupy a place in the world of science and technology, in the field of entrepreneurial start-ups have become some of the most popular enterprise. And for the young brand, due to the support of science and technology, so that everything is possible, these companies can skip the middleman, and their clients directly communicate, but also no longer need to invest huge overhead can produce high quality products. Logical, this field has attracted the attention of the investors. The company takes less investment can produce enviable profits, to seize the market opportunities, but they also have the ability to expand the scale of the online brand. read more

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